Thursday, August 16, 2012

What does the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy have in common with Yale?

Wrexham Wales and Reginald (not the Renault van we're driving) Heber where he fell in love and married the vicar's daughter and where Elihu Yale was born and where he died and is buried. Love this Welsh town!

And then off to Hodnet where the Hebers ministered and where Reginald (hymn writer not van) wrote many of his hymns. Gardener unlocked St Luke's for us where we sang and explored the beautiful church (and got in out of the rain).

We enjoyed another leisure dinner this time at The Bear in the tiny village of Hodnet. These Brits treat us like we were royalty... Well, almost.

Then off to the hard to find but most amazing castle hotel yet, pictures tomorrow. I've got to get some sleep or Reginald may have trouble on the roads tomorrow.


  1. Our girl was sooo excited to go to Wales! She is looking forward to going back already!

  2. Wonderful to follow. You have three from our family in your group. The look like they are having a super tour.

  3. If you ever get a chance to visit Llandudno in Wales... that's a beautiful stop.

    Thanks for the updates on the blog. Really enjoying seeing and reading about the tour.