Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back Roads and Byways to Havergal church

I think that our time at the church where Francis Havergal grew up in Astley will stand out as a favorite pause on this tour for me. We read from Mr Pipes and sang her Take My Life hymn and then talked about gospel consecration that results from grace alone through Christ alone in our lives. Margaret read from a letter of Havergal's where she suggested that 'take' could be substituted with 'keep' in her hymn. Another reminder of how all of Christ's saving work in our lives is kept by God through his grace and Spirirt. "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ."

Stacie wanted us to get 'Francis' the sat nav in the group shot and at the real Francis's grave. Lots of rain on drive to Oxford. I'm feeling a bit weary today, but it is certainly not because of the company I'm keeping. These folks have been delightful. Every author and tour leaders dream group!

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  1. DId you know Havergal lived for a time in Champery in the Valais region where the Schaeffers first lived? Beautiful pics! I like the way everyone displays their meal.