Friday, August 24, 2012

Last day in London--more food!

We had a delicious final dinner at the Hyde Park Hilton and good fellowship reprising the whole. This has been a delightful group to spend these ten nights and eleven days with! I'm blessed hat they wanted to follow Mr Pipes (just for the record, I'm not Mr Pipes just his creator) to all of these charming, backwater, and wonderful places.

We went to evensong at St Paul's and heard rich reading of Scripture: Ruth, Good Samaritan account, and all of Ephesians 1. It was a said service as the cathedral choir was on holiday. Afterward I pointed out to the group how Christopher Wren was commissioned by Catholic leaning Charles II who wanted to restore the splendor and authority of the monarchy, and it's supremacy over the church. The place was designed to rival St Peter's in Rome, to humble the masses with the shock and awe of high church monarchism. Ironic that though it was designed with many other priorities in mind, the Word of God was read and heard today.

Stacie wins the prize for winning the most Cadbury bars (Margaret comes in second) and she and Aaron tie for pushup champs (Aaron for most hamburgers consumed). Charissa wins the goofiest food portrait (as you see) and for being the most able navigator and programmer of Francis the sat nav. Machaira wins the prize for the most awed, so much so that she drops farther and farther behind, gazing in wonderment, pausing to jot notes in her journal or take a photo. Craig wins the prize for taking the absolutely most goofy pictures of the tour leader (and for asking really good questions about the economics of things). Margaret wins for having "relatively perfect pitch" and for creating the fun jeopardy game played at The Bear in Hodnet in the shadow of Heber's church. Elizabeth wins a prize for wide-ranging and fascinating stories shared. And Dana wins for running her fingers across her jugular vein when the loquacious tour leader does what he does best: blabs too much, and for coming up with the most creative and effective way to get me to stop for visits to the WC (give the driver another bottle of water or cup(s) of tea). Blessings on you all!

Now thank we all our God
With heart and hands and voices...


  1. I assure you she is still in awe! And rumor has it, you were the most apt, able and wonderful tour guide that has walked the earth! Such enthusiam and knowledge! The folks who go on your tours get an unforgettable education! Thanks for all of the blessings!

  2. Great last post! Very funny. Sure makes me sad we couldn't be there too. What fun! See you in 2013 !!!