Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wales (not whales) in a storm by the lake

Stayed in a quaint Welsh guest house across from a lake and hills covered with grazing sheep--and wild stormy weather that makes one want to drink hot tea and cozy up by he fire. But sunshine in the morning and a breath taking drive through the Welsh countryside. With ever-faithful Reginald staying on left and in the lines, Francis the sat nav guiding us impeccably to our next destination. Makes me redundant, as the Brits would say

It is hard to describe what its like to be singing Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah as we navigate the narrow Welsh roads, flanked by rolling green and heather clad hills. Or singing Welsh hymn writer Anna Waring's Father I Know That All My Life Is Portioned Out For Me--thrilling!

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  1. Wales Wales! Beautiful! They look happy even in the rain!