Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oxford with Lewis at Eagle and Child

Friday was our long day with many miles to cover and dozens of round abouts to negotiate (if in doubt, go about... Again and again and again if needed); gotta love British roundabouts!

And more rain, but with sun breaks when we arrived in Oxford, bless the Lord. We had a scrumptious meal where Lewis and the Inklings met to read their manuscripts to each other (see before and after food shots).

On to our quaint and exquisite inn near the River Great Ouse (yes, pronounced ooze) and Mr Pipes country (with 15th century tithe barn).


  1. Not sure what is better, the food or the sites??LOL!

  2. It has been such a delight having Machaira along on this tour. So clearly providential the way not three but four others were in line for her spot and God made a way for her to be with us on this blessed tour. She's been eating things up, taking notes in her journal, pictures, so attentive and intentional about her time oh this tour. I can't imagine the tour without her!

    1. Machaira told me about the others who had been in line! Amazing! All we can say is "Look what the Lord has done!"
      You should hear her, she sits down at her laptop of pictures ( of which she says she did not get enough) and gives history lessons for hours on every place you all went and everything she saw! Im so glad she was a blessing to have on the tour!