Sunday, August 12, 2012

Toplady, Watts, and Winchester

Cowper got it right: God does indeed move in mysterious ways. Because of a hurricane in Georgia and the flight cancelations and delays I found myself running from terminal to terminal at Heathrow airport, the international airport serving Europe's largest city. I got lots of cardio workout on our first day on the hymn tour but finally managed to get everyone in the same place. The Renault 9passenger van is working out great, and so far I have managed to stay on the wrong, that is, left side of the road.

Sorry for the haste but here's a quick over view. First day visit to Windsor where Samuel Stone author of The church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord. First night in the very English country inn in Yateley was wonderful. The gang said to tell my wife who finds all these places that this was definitely a keeper.

Farnham for church at the 14th century church Augustus Toplady was baptized in was a perfect introduction to the C of E for the tour. I read from my new EP biography of him and then we had a really good talk about justification
and sanctification and the gospel, all the while lounging on ancient gravestones in the morning sunlight. Stacie got a Cadbury bar for reciting WSCs 33 and 35, way to go!

Drove to Southampton where Isaac Watts was born, chatted about hymns and psalmody around the statue of him at the Watts Park. From there to Winchester for evensong in the cathedral where Jane Austen is buried and where Thomas Ken wrote his evening hymn and the doxology. Dinner in a quiet pub along the river then a stroll around this ancient city of the Anglo Saxon king Alfred. We watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics with some 2,000 folks, the evening lights glowing on he cathedral. I'm off to bed.

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  1. Wonderful and beautiful!! I am so excited for you all! We are gathered around the computer just oohing and ahhing! Many blessings all!!!