Monday, August 20, 2012

Balmy London, hotter than I have ever experienced London before!

God brought us to our hotel, the Hyde Park Hilton, another amazing hotel find from my excellent wife, thank you my dearest!

We checked in then strolled (at a Mr Pipes' clip) across Hyde Park, and by Buckingham Palace, to Westminster Abbey for a brilliant organ concert, William Byrd, Hubert Parry, etc.

Then a London cab ride back to he hotel and dinner at the nearby Middle Eastern reataurant extraordinaire (I'd never had Persian ice cream before and learned to say please and thank you in Farsi and in Kurdish). Wonderful food and delightful service. Whoever says Londoners are rude is seriously missing out. All this a reminder of the wide-ranging missionary movement centered in the British Isles.

Aaron taught us some slight-of-hand tricks and some of us strolled the international district near the Hyde Park Hilton, our hotel. It is a panoply of the breadth of the British Empire over the centuries. "He who is tired of London is tired of life," said Samuel Johnson.

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  1. Your wife indeed finds the most amazing places!!! How wonderful!