Monday, August 20, 2012

Cambridge with Hamiltons and "all the saints

Ian preached so ably from Jesus' sermon on the mount showing us why it makes every bit of sense for the Christian to be anxious for nothing. If God our heavenly father bankrupted heaven to redeem us by the substitutionary sacrifice of his beloved Son "how will he not with him freely give us all things?" Being anxious for nothing is theological. This was rich, gospel-centered, Christ-centered preaching at its best. So encouraging to our tour group. May God continue to bless his work in Cambridge through this ministry. I enjoyed conversations with a number of folks that I have come to know over many visits with these dear saints. Bruce Clark is finishing his doc then becoming a church planter in Toronto with MNA. Blessings on that nascent work.

Luncheon after morning worship. We did a walking tour of Reformation sites in Cambridge, the spiritual movement that gave congregational singing back to the church. St Edwards church where Hugh Latimer preached the free grace of the gospel after being a virulent opponent of it, the cradle of the Reformation.

Then we sang our way to London, hymns all he way into the center city, scary place for driving, but I was mercifully kept on the left.

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