Sunday, April 25, 2010

The final CHS "group" shots in London

Mark suggested that I park myself down in front of a place we know must have wi-fi even if it's closed. These kids and technology! We're sitting in the Picadilly Circus area, killing time before heading back to Heathrow for our night's bivouac, and "Presto!" I'm on-line and can make a final post on the most extraordinary CHS UK tour ever.Here's what we've been doing today.

Well it stopped raining and actually got very comfortable, patchy sun, warm-ish temperatures. Mark Anderson and David Banz and I have been having an enjoyable time today. We went to St. Paul's for morning worship, singing Psalm 23 from the Scottish Psalter (and others), but one is forced to wonder: there's a stupendously grandiose visible church; how many of the remnant of the invisible church are here?

David and Mark, making room for their classmates in the group shot in front of St. Paul's before Sunday service (I'm reminded again of just how unfinished the English Reformation was, still a good deal of tom-foolery going on).

Found the site where John Wesley heard the gospel and was "strangely warmed." Near Museum of London where we spent some time before heading off to the British Museum for a while.

And then we attended an organ concert at Westminster Abbey (my wife would not have liked it very much). and discovered I was sitting right next (nearly under) a pulpit that Thomas Cranmer preached from.

Cranmer's pulpit in Westminster Abbey

When we were in London half a lifetime ago, so it sort of seems, spring had not yet sprung, but it certainly has now, as seen in St. James Park, London

Today was the London marathon (and some fun runners too--and lots of London party animals).

Blogging this on the street in London


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