Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CHS tentative return flight information: volcanic stranding in UK

As of Tuesday, April 20, 2010, CHS students will be returning from the UK per the flights below:

Sunday flights (4/25/10)

AA flight 81, 4/25/10 Depart LHR 12:15, Arrive DFW 4:45
AA flight 1563, 4/25/10 Depart DFW 6:05, Arrive SEA 8:25 pm (students Revear-Yong, 13 total)

AA flight 51, 4/25/10 Depart LHR 10:25, Arrive DRW 2:25 pm
AA flight 1255, 4/25/10 Depart DFW 4:15, Arrive SEA 6:35 pm (students Brown-Reddy, 16 total)

AA flight 79, 4/25/10 Depart LHR 2:30, Arrive DFW 6:30
AA flight 2003, 4/25/10 Depart DFW 7:50, Arrive SEA 10:05 pm (students DeMass- St. John, 18 total)

AA flight 47, 4/25/10 Depart LHR 12:50, Arrive DFW
AA flight 1801, 4/25/10 Depart DFW 5:30, Arrive SEA 7:55 pm (2 total)

Monday flight (4/26/10)

Info to come. 5 students traveling with Mr. Bond (6 total), (Anderson-Bond)


  1. thank you for all your hard work in figuring these new flight out! we are so thankful for your leadership and examples of trusting the Lord before our darlings! What a priceless experience. Praying for you all almost hourly! Please hug Phil for me (ha ha)! t. moore

  2. To all the staff and adults on the trip, thank you for your leadership and commitment our students as you deal with these changes on a daily basis - just amazing! A BIG thank you also to the church who will be hosting all of you - what a Godsend they are. Praying for you and looking forward to hearing some great stories on Sunday! Lorrie & Wade