Sunday, April 25, 2010

CHS makes it to HEATHROW and LONDON at last!

Generally speaking I don't care much for airports, or perhaps its what airports bring out in people that I don't care for. Let's face it, airports are not charming destinations. They're crammed with far too much massed, over-baggaged humanity, going somewhere else, looking past everyone and everything--except the signage. Which makes our early morning departure from Oxford (5:55 am), our rainy coach ride to Heathrow Airport, and arrival at Terminal 3 for the first wave of CHS flights home all the more sweet. Please don't panic if your son or daughter' smiling face does not appear in the picture below. We have chaperones in each of 5 waves of homeward-bound travel, and these young people were from the first two waves. As of last check (I'm at a London coffee shop with my handful of students blogging and getting in our of the rain--our heavenly Father has been so kind to us in the weather; it rained twice: 2nd day in London for 45 minutes, and now, our last day; sun, blue skies, warm temperatures mostly. There is a great deal for which to be deeply grateful to our Redeemer in this tour. Great kids; good trooper attitudes as the 5 and 6 day delay went on.

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