Friday, April 23, 2010

CHS Students at Cambridge Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

We were invited by our gracious hosts to join Cambridge Presbyterian Church for their Bible Study and Prayer time on Thursday evening. Ian Hamilton did such a careful and pastoral exposition of Psalm 88. I was thrilled that our students were there to hear him. I was thrilled to hear him. Here are some highlights, quoting as directly as my pen would race.

'The warp and woof of all Scripture is Jesus Christ.'

'Every noun, every verb, every adjective, every adverb, every participle, every syntactical device of the Bible is about Jesus Christ.'

'All of Scripture is a commentary on Genesis, '...bruise the heel of the woman, and crush the head of the serpent.'

'Psalm 88 is about Jesus Christ--he alone experienced utter darkness. He alone experienced utter desolation so that we do not have to. For us to be cut off by God would be for God to cut off his Son.' Followed by comments about the misnomer of referring to 'Messianic Psalms.' They're all Messianic.

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