Saturday, April 24, 2010

CHS refugees making the most of their time in the UK

So much to do and see in Cambridge! We attended evensong at King's College Chapel before the evening Bible study and prayer time with the CP Church (see the post on the message from Psalm 88). And then we went punting--again! But the curriculum must go on, so I scoured around and got as many copies of Macbeth as we could find in Oxford and Cambridge and launched into the unit of study we would begin when we return. We had class on Christ Church Meadow, Oxford, and twice at All Saints Garden, Cambridge.

We visited Ely Cathedral today. One of the most spectacular churches I have ever seen. Granted it doesn't connect as immediately to our curriculum objectives for the tour, then again, Shakespeare's Henry V opens with the archbishop of Canterbury discussing who on earth their new king is with the bishop of Ely, and Oliver Cromwell lived within site of this magnificent medieval structure (and may have stabled horses in the cathedral during the English Civil War, so say the critics).

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