Friday, June 27, 2014

KNOX 500: day 4, the castle where Knox fell in love

We left our really fine hotel (Ramside Hall) in Durham and made our way to Lindisfarne, then north to Berwick-on-Tweed and Norham Castle, a ruin but complete enough to transport us back to 1550, and lots too scramble on and explore. and where Knox preached and met his future wife. Then St Mary's Collegial Church across the river from where he was born in Haddington and where Knox was ordained, preached, and where Wishart preached his last sermon before his arrest and burning. And now Edinburgh and our amazing hotel on the Royal Mile.
Readers of HAND of VENGEANCE know the significance of this picture...
Thelma from Cambridge sketches the seascape at Lindisfarne
Giles attempting to look soldier-like at Berwick
Zoe and Gillian being fearless at Norham Castle where Knox met Marjory
"Give me Scotland or I die!" Knox prayed
St Mary's Haddington where Knox was ordained
Now I'm going to get some nice sleep in this awesome hotel--good night!

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