Sunday, June 22, 2014

HADRIAN'S WALL Day 4--Breath-taking in both ways

Greenhead to Houseteads Roman Fort. This is the most spectacular stretch of wall, turrets, and mile castles of all, but it came at an undulating and grueling price. 

At Thirwell Castle a Medieval castle made entirely from Roman stones borrowed from the wall, the trail marking was unclear and we and some Aussies and other Americans found ourselves having to backtrack to find the route--an extra mile added to a long wearying day. But compensation came almost constantly in some of the most sweeping panoramic views of vast green moorland and ancient Roman wall. 
Gillian walked with us for several miles and thoroughly enjoyed all the animals we encounter as we cross farms continually. Winsome hiked all day with us and took lots of the kind of pictures we can't take of ourselves--thanks Winsome!

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