Thursday, June 26, 2014

KNOX 500: day 3, Hadrian's Wall, Durham, evensong

Some travelers just have to be a little different!
The Aston Hotel Dumfries is a charming place, sumptuous dining and a blessed time reflecting on Knox and the Scottish Psalter, singing together. At Durham hotel dinner the jazz pianist played Psalm 23 with us and the vocalist joined in too!

Joined this evening by Managing Director of Evangelical Press (publisher of my biographies of Toplady and Savonarola) Graham Hind and his wife Tina. Wonderful fellowship with them. He told us about challenges and blessings in the church in the UK today.

Evensong at Durham was beautiful (musically) and frustrating (theologically). I read to them from what Knox prayed when he was called to answer before the bishop (Anglican, but oh, so RCC leaning) at the synod of the north in the 1550s. "O God Eternal! Hast thou laid none other burden upon our backs than Jesus Christ laid by His Word? Then who hath burdened us with all these ceremonies, prescribed fasting, compelled chastity, unlawful vows, invocations of saints, with the idolatry of the Mass? The Devil, the Devil, brethren, invented all these burdens to depress imprudent men to perdition."

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