Friday, June 20, 2014

HADRIAN'S WALL, day 2--16 miles!

We had amazingly wonderful weather, blue skies, warm sunshine but not too hot, hospitable Cumbrian locals (a cold Coke for Giles and a Guinness for me) and wide open fields with contented cattle looking at us like we were from another planet, always sheep, a special Olympics track and field event, lush shady city park in Carlisle, lunch and chocolate under a spreading ash tree in a pasture and HOSTAGE LANDS reading together, quaint villages, charming country homes, and Giles' jokes and companionable chatter--who cares about sore feet!

After dinner we came back for another 5 mile march, ending in the little hamlet of Newtown. Evening in Cumbria is pastoral and lovely.
First very clear walking on a path that was the original wall, ditch and Valum clearly visible to the north
Cheryl and crew met us with Magnum bars; I don't worry about my weight after 17 mile trek I need the calories. Now to bed. View from our cottage on a Cumbrian farm--a gloriously good day... And good night.

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