Friday, March 28, 2014

1077 magnificence borne of idolatry: Bayeux Cathedral

True confession time: I am absolutely slack-jaw awe- struck at Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Have been ever since 1982 when I first laid eyes on the most splendid structures I had ever seen, and I've never wearied of studying them since, which is odd since I have come to know that they are the products of--however offensive it is to some for me to say it--idolatry. This is an important reason why I love the Reformers--they boldly unmasked the grand lie set in stone by medieval theological synergism. 

Guess what my next devotions will be about? Huguenots died by the 1000s for Truth over idolatry, for Jesus and his inexpressible grace over veneration of saints and Mariology and all the other nonsense of medievalism. 

Look at these pictures and imagine the unadulterated, uncorrupted splendor of Truth ("I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"). Never fall for the counterfeit, regardless of its intricate artistry. Idols do that. They are designed to overwhelm the eye, the emotions, the affections, your body and soul--and to suplant Jesus. 

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