Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some of the gifts God has given the kids on this tour! Remarkable!

Glorious Lord's Day in Edinburgh, worshiping with Chris and Jackie and their beautiful children, Julien and Eliza at Holyrood Abbey Church, Phillip Hair preaching a fine sermon from Matthew's account of the Day laborers: god is Sovereign, God is gracious, God is persistent...

We then had a fine lunch at the Tolbooth, formerly prison for Covenanters from 1661-1688, a sobering place to eat a fine meal. I read from Rebel's Keep when Royalists dumped Richard Cameron's head and hands into the lap of his father, awaiting his sentence at the Tolbooth Prison.

From there we went to Horatius Bonar's grave at Canongate Kirk, where Queen Elizabeth II had worshiped earlier today. We sang his immortal, I lay My Sins on Jesus, The Spotless lamb of God, and talked about the move from exclusive Psalmody to hymns of human composition in 1861, with Hymns Ancient and Modern.

From there we went to Knox's house and read from the last chapter of The Mighty Weakness of John Knox, my account written in the same room in April of 2010, now published in the book with Reformation Trust. Warm day and cabs needed for our more senior travelers. Off to St, Giles, High Kirk, Edinburgh, Jenny Geddes throwing her stool in 1637, and Knox preaching  here from 1560-1572. Daniel Roberts sang Jesu, Joy of man's desiring, Paul Walker accompanying. Then we all sang Psalm 23, and A Mighty Fortress is Our God. Nothing quite like an ancient gothic church built in the 11th century for singing acoustics.

Fine evening of fellowship with a couple of the families on the tour in the courtyard of the hotel. This is a talented bunch of young peoiple, piano, cello, Shakespeare, gymnastics...

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