Sunday, July 10, 2011

Henderson, M'Cheyne, Knox... Leuchars, Dundee, Perth

Alexander Henderson's church in Leuchars
We began our day trip from St Andrews in some pretty serious Scottish rain squalls, the first real need for umbrellas while off the coach--amazing for this northern land. Alexander Henderson a colleague of Rutherford and author of the National Covenant, 1638, and of the Solemn League and Covenant, 1643. Then Dundee and a wonderful time with Hugh, a deacon at David Robertson's church, St Peter's, better known to history as Robert Murray M'Cheyne's pulpit. He was the Mark Driscoll of Scotland in the 19th century, and Robertson may be so for today. We sang psalm 23 with Hugh to a new Celtic tune. Perth and St Johns of great importance in Knox's ministry, he preached a firebrand sermon against idolatry here in may of 1559, iconoclasm to follow. We talked about when it is essential to tear down idols.

St Peter's Dundee, M'Cheyne's pulpit
St John's Perth

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