Sunday, July 10, 2011

Final day--a flurry of wonderful sites

Stirling Castle
Duke of Argyll's Lodging
Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn
We headed off from St Andrews for our final day of the Crown & Covenant Trilogy Scotland Tour, 2011. Rain stopped and sun breaks as we de-coached in Stirling (God's gracious pattern for the weather on this tour, praise Him!). The castle, the Argyll lodging, and of special interest was The Church of the Holy Rude, where Knox crowned James VI (the I) in 1567, when he was just a year old, and where James Guthrie preached and upheld the Crown Rights of the Redeemer in His Kirk. A wonderful unplanned lunch with a retired Dutch couple, he a law professor and she an English and history teacher. What a delight. Cheryl told them one of my books was published now in Dutch (The Betrayal), but they speak such good English, it seemed to me they did not need a translation! Then off to Bannockburn, and Glasgow. The Grand Central Hotel is the most impressive hotel in the UK, in my opinion. We had a delightful last dinner in the Wellington dining room, good fellowship and reflection on God's providence and grace to us on this tour. More fellowship, bed, breakfast, and a shuffle of cabs in three waves to the airport. Then Cheryl and I collapsed and are having such a peaceful and quiet time in Ayr and environs. I like taking naps and just relaxing.

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