Sunday, July 3, 2011

Appendicitis in Edinburgh

Please pray for one of our teen travelers who began having sever abdominal pains while we were staying at Saughy Rigg Farm at Hadrian's Wall. She went on the extended wall hike, and was a trooper at Melrose Abbey, and she was game to stomp the moors at Rullion Green. After settling into our hotel in Edinburgh and a visit to the martyrs monument at the Grassmarket and to Greyfriars Abbey, her pain had increased and she had a fever. After a taxi ride to the Royal Infirmary, she was examined and taken to the hospital. They did surgery at 6 am to remove her appendix. Please pray that she has no complications, can travel by Monday afternoon, and that she can recover enough to see a few more things in St. Andrews. This too is from the Lord. Grateful to the Spear clan for all their care for her.. 

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