Friday, July 26, 2013

Bonds in Nîmes where revival spread... Like rain in a thunderstorm (which it did)

We had a delightful visit to the ancient Roman city of Nîmes, where Christians would have been martyred in its remarkably complete arena (a techno French band in concert the night we were there), and where stands the famous Maison Carée, Roman temple built while our Lord Jesus was still on the earth (and the Roman tower, nearly 2,000 years old). More to the point of my immediate research (though a Franco-Roman tale is brewing and taking shape in my imagination) Nîmes is where Pierre Viret came from Geneva in the 1560s and preached to more than 8,000 people who showed up at the cathedral (out of a population of 12,000); virtually all 8,000 professed faith in Christ. Viret is sort of the forgotten Reformer, and I do so much like finding the lesser-known part of the story. The cathedral is Romanesque so dark and grim feeling inside, which would make the brilliant light of the gospel shine all the more brightly. We ordered flowers from a dear old femme des fleurs for Lionel's mother who was hosting us for dinner at their home outside of this fascinating city. It dumped a torrential summer shower with blasts of thunder and lightning to stop the heart. Notice Cheryl and Giles under the umbrellas, and Giles with the symbol of Nîmes, the crocodile! Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all these amazing experiences and pictures! Your writing continues to be a blessing!
    - Madison Lyerla