Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bond Reformation Tour: Zurich and Zwingli (a few more Luther pics)

Weather foul on our way to Zurich, with a few slow downs, arriving a bit behind schedule. I remind myself that I have no control over the weather, road conditions, or the maximum speed coaches are aloud to travel on motor ways (ultimately, I have no control over anything, which is a big part of what this tour is about). With umbrellas aloft, we set off for the Grossmunster, the church where Zwingli preached Christ, beginning January, 1519 until his death in 1531. Calvin's friend and colleague, Heinrich Bullinger his successor. Central Plaza Hotel a well appointed comfortable city hotel. Peter our coach driver was a witty Dutchman, always ready for a joke or prank. He often ate meals with us and several of us had very good conversations with him.
Here's some pictures (and a few more from Luther's places):

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