Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bond Reformation Tour: "I love Geneva!" Or "J'aime Genéve!" More pics!

Zurich hotel served breakfast early so we could get off to Geneva and be in time for worship at the Auditoire where Calvin taught and prepared young men to return to France and other countries where so many of them lost their lives--gave their lives-- for the cause of Christ and the gospel of free grace. Not what we heard that morning in Geneva, tragically. 

The pastor of the Church of Scotland congregation there was so kind and welcomed our group so warmly and his wife had prepared a wonderful lunch for us to partake of with the rest of the congregation, a wonderful experience to have in Geneva, sunny, down-right hot, Geneva! The children were chanting that they loved Geneva, and I saw more than one adult who looked like he or she wanted to join in. I can say that this was my favorite all time visit to Geneva, absolutely! And our final dinner at the hotel Royal was scrumptious and Franck and his staff were exceptionally attentive (we're all quite spoiled, I'm afraid, and probably over weight). Our first ranks to head to the airport Monday morning needed to catch transport at 5:50 so was up early having the nicest final chats with the wonderful folks who came on this tour with us. 

Cheryl and I both feel that we have yet another extended family, the folks who joined us on this incredible journey to the sites where God raised up the giants of the Reformations. May he do so again. Though Calvin and Luther were exceptional, I reminded folks at the final dinner that God raises up and equips and uses ordinary folks, like us. Knox put it this way about the reformation in Scotland, "God raised up simple men in great abundance."

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