Friday, July 4, 2014

KNOX 500: day 9, Lochleven Castle, Stirling Castle

Boat trip to the island fortress which held Mary Queen of Scots when she was forced to abdicate in 1567 for her duplicity and whordoms.

Then off to one of the best castles (in my opinion) Stirling Castle and historic Golden Lion Hotel. Steeres sang German Lutheran hymn What E'er My God Ordains is Right, dedicated to the memory of Rebecca Tittle who was killed with her father and sister a few weeks before the tour and had originally registered to go with us on the Knox Tour.
This has been a remarkably fun tour for the Bonds--such delightfully fun folks to commemorate this historical moment with
We shuttled in 12 people groups over to this charming island fortress--Mary Queen of Scots delivered still born twins of dubious parentage while here and later escaped by charming the warder's son, which never worked with Knox
The Church of the Holy Rude on the very spot where Knox crowned 13 month old James VI 1567 and preached the gospel of free grace. Next generation James Guthrie preached in the pulpit 
Stirling Castle--awesome! Queen Regent potted her schemes to destroy Knox and Reformation in these walls
Gillian who had a badly sprained ankle only days ago...

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