Monday, July 7, 2014

HADRIAN'S WALL: day 7--last! 17 miles

Our final day and 17 miles lay ahead. Our guest house was closer to Wallend so it made sense for Cheryl to take us to our end point and to hike back west toward our last pick up point near Heddon-on-the-Wall. 
The last bit of real wall at Wallend.
Follow the acorns, though there are times when these are not as clear as they need to be. We managed with one stop at a farm house to verify that we were on route
The final miles are pretty rough through Newcastle, drug paraphernalia and rubbish littering the urban path, including shanty town squatters and gypsy settlements. But then as you pass trough the recovering downtown area there are tall ships and beautiful bridges and buildings.
Giles at Wesley Square where John preached in the open air to this needy city in the 18th century (needy again)
St Nicholas where John Knox preached against idolatry in 1551, two blocks from Hadrian's Wall route
We discovered this unofficial signage and were encouraged (though he meant you're not your)
Many pleasant encounters with encouraging animals along the route
Gillian joined us for our last mile and a half of 84 miles--a wonderful experience to have together. We could not have done it without ma tres belle Cher who drove back and forth on the narrow winding B6318 to drop us off and pick us up and resupply us with water and chocolate--and encouragement

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