Friday, November 15, 2013

Today I start my newest book: historical fiction set in the Puget Sound!

Gillian at Fort Nisqually (very near our home)

NEW BOOK STARTED TODAY! P&R Publishing has created a new series/collection of my books, THE HEROES AND HISTORY SERIES; Hostage Lands, Hand of Vengeance, with my forthcoming books on Wycliffe (1300s England) and the Huguenots (1500s France) soon to join the new collection.

The H&H series is designed to be the place where other ideas I have for historical fiction will collect themselves together into what we hope will be an invaluable collection of books for anyone who loves history.

Most recently I will be immersed (after a fun family visit to nearby Fort Nisqually) in a 19th-century Pacific Northwest, Hudson Bay Company yarn set in the Puget Sound and Fort Nisqually (very near my home). There would be a Scots connection (my lens may be a young Scots voyager), as there were many Scots immigrants (and some French Canadians) employed by the HBC.

I guess it would be sort of a Bond version of some of the favorite frontier stories out there for young adult readers. Mine will have lots of beaver trapping, PNW trading musket shooting, salmon fishing, horses, HMS Beaver steamer for the HBC, small boat sailing, Douglas fir felling, log cabin building, trading and friendship with coastal Indians, frontier tensions between American and British settlers, the Pig War, and the rising storm to the Civil War.

I'm really, really excited about beginning this book TODAY! Pray for me. Now I'm back to work...

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  1. That is so exciting! We live in Washington and just visited Fort Nisqually. I can't wait! Thank you so much for helping fulfill the need of good, Christian books!