Monday, November 11, 2013

DUNCAN'S WAR the movie--AFM launch in California

AFM launch poster for the film
The last several days have been an exciting flurry of activity. Duncan's War the movie has been germinating in the imaginations of two film-industry fellows in California. I first met Phillip Moses when I was speaking at a conference in southern California fall of 2010 (his wife was a student of mine years ago at CHS). They drove down from the Bay area, and we chatted about books and film after one of my addresses. Some time later he called me and floated the initial idea of making a big-screen film of Duncan's War. We have had multiple conversations (phone, email, texts, facebook, etc) since.

To be honest, I have vacillated from excited to incredulous, to excited again, to incredulous again--and now to excited. For the first time in more than two years, I actually am beginning to believe these guys will do this, and do it well. One of my big concerns has been that I don't want to dilute the book by turning it into a movie. Novelist John le Carre expressed his chagrin at what film can do to good fiction when he said, "Having your book turned into a movie is like seeing your oxen turned into bullion cubes." I so do not want to
see that happen to Duncan's War. Neither does the producer.

Many of you have messaged me asking how you can help. A number of you are in the film industry or aspiring to be so. It takes a significant team to produce a quality film. So connect with the producer, Phillip Moses, here And if you know talented young actors for the film, especially ones who've grown up in the heather and the moorlands, post their contact information to Mr Moses; he's the man, or to James Chung, art director; he's also the man.

And for those of you who are enthusiastic about this, though you may not be an actor, know an actor, or be involved in film making, all of you can like and share the Duncan's War the movie facebook page: Film executives and distributors at the AFM conference in LA are watching, sometimes with bewilderment, but they are watching the mounting enthusiasm for this movie. Tell them what you think; they're listening. Like and share today.

Maybe it is not playacting after all!


  1. That is very exciting! Thank you for letting us know, and we will definitely be praying for the project!

  2. YAAAYYYY! I can't imagine a better movie project! History, truth, children, persecution... hurrah! I will spread the word!