Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pre-Release Reader Comments on WEAPONS OF VENGEANCE

I have several kind folks who read manuscripts for me before they get sent off to the publisher for their knife. My rule is that they can't gush only; they must give me meaningful critique, helpful analysis of how things are working, and help me find my typo blunders. My publishers tell me my manuscripts are some of the cleanest that they get from their authors. As I am tempted to preen myself with pride at their comment, I am reminded of all the skillful and opinionated eyes that have helped me get it to that clean stage: preeminently, my mother; the Spear gang; John Schrupp; Paul Walker; and others on occasion. Here's what some of them have said about my 8th century Anglo-Saxon historical crime fiction novel.

"Magnificent! The whole thing reads aloud so well, like a sung ballad in its words and cadence. Amazing.” Mother of three

“Well, as much as I loved the Crown and Covenant Trilogy and thought they were written well, this new book is on a different planet.  I love it!” 11-year-old reader

"What a great yarn!  The story thread worked very well, not predictably, and with enough twists and turns to keep attention riveted.  It read great, both aloud and silently.  I applaud the flow and cadence."

"Your descriptiveness is wonderfully done and strikes the mark, providing depth and nuance, and immersing the reader in a certain beauty of word and mind-picture."

"Early returns are an enthusiastically wild thumbs-up from the natives.  Creates a dilemma, of course, for they are ready with their sharpened knives and indeed do prefer using them in season and out. Of course, my red ink pot has its lid off, but is becoming a little forlorn.  Surely something will come up to critique, lest we all lose our job and the author falls into pride:-)"

You can listen to an excerpt at WEAPONS OF VENGEANCE

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