Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday sonnet from one of my students (shmoozing for extra credit)

Thanks to the many of you who sent me birthday greetings and good wishes! It is heart warming to hear from so many of you. One of you (ahem... Looocy!) especially warmed my heart with a sonnet for my birthday--all in iambic pentameter. Thought I'd share it (she's delusional through much of the thing--rabbit trails? What's that?)

Again another year has come around!
No worries: not a thing to cry about!
Despite your age, you're still one to impress,
With journals, push-ups, curry, and the rest!
And though your lectures tend to rabbit-trail,
And all your classes taught seem to entail
Opposing views on worship songs and such,
Most everyone will make it clear how much
Our favorite teacher always makes our day!
So please, allow me one more time to say,
We love to laugh at words you cannot name:
"mature, italian," it's all the same.
You cause us all at CHS to grin.
In all our hearts, we'd NEVER trade you in!!! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (feel free to give me extra credit because that was all in iambic pentameter!)

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  1. haha. Excellent, Lucy. So, now the question is, did she receive extra credit? ;)