Thursday, September 8, 2011


My wife and I had such a delightful time at the conference. Jim and Robbie Edgrin are some of the most gracious visionaries I have ever met. And the Olympic Refuge is an absolutely beautiful location tucked in the mountains bordering the Olympic National Park; the lodge and all of its rustic splendor is the result of many years of labor and of partnership with many Christians in the region. There was a variety of folks there (about 70), from many different churches, from community churches to Christian Reformed churches. And there were chaplains, active duty and retired, Dr. Edgrin among them; I think I counted at least four colonels in the gathering. The result was many warm and edifying conversations and prayer together.

The Hastings family ministered to us with their family music. How a family of nine can all play the violin so well I will never know! And the banjo and guitar. The final sung Amen in the great hall was a fitting finale to a wonderful day of the Lord's presence and blessing--for us, and we trust for all who attended. [See video below].

I was asked to bring two messages. The first from Luke 18:15ff on the difference between being CHILDISH and CHILD-LIKE. And the second from Zechariah 4:6-10 on not despising the day of SMALL THINGS and that it is God by his sovereign and gracious Spirit who builds his church, and he does so using small, weak, insignificant folks, like Rutherford, Bunyan, and Knox.

Here's the audio on each message for any who care to listen:
Zechariah 4:6-10 SMALL THINGS 

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