Friday, September 16, 2011

New book contract: biography on AUGUSTUS TOPLADY

Evangelical Press (EP) contract on AUGUSTUS TOPLADY. After a number of emails this week, we decided to scratch the EP Isaac Watts bio in favor of an all new one on Toplady. I feel really good about this and am already researching and immersing myself in his writings. Yes, it will still be a complimentary volume to my RT Watts, both on important hymn writers. It will likely release far sooner than the original plan for Watts with EP, though we don't have a date on the calender yet.  

Controversial and often criticized by detractors, the author of Rock of Ages, Cleft for me, wrote in his private diary December 31, 1767—"Upon a review of the past year, I desire to confess that my unfaithfulness has been exceeding great; my sins still greater; God's mercies greater than both." And again, "My shortcomings and my mis-doings, my unbelief and want of love, would sink me into the lowest hell, was not Jesus my righteousness and my Redeemer."

I'm excited about researching and writing this 30,000 word biography. Pray for me as I do so. It will be helpful preparation for the 2012, HYMNS FOR ALL TIME TOUR of England & Wales, which I invite you to participate in.

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