Sunday, May 8, 2011

Covenant HS Art Field Trip, Pacific County Courthouse

Quite a time on the Art field trip! Heaps of rain--the weather that pleased the Lord to give us. But really a great time on the whole. After a bonus visit with judge Michael Sullivan, of the Pacific County Courthouse, who showed us through his courtroom and chambers, we discovered that the CHS bus was hurting, big time. Thanks to the Willapa Bay School District who rented us a bus and driver, we were finally able to get back to Tacoma. Looks like the bus will be down in Southbend for a bit of R&R. 
Devotions our first night in the sanctuary of the United Methodist Church was on defining art and beauty. My text was Psalm 27: and gazing on the beauty of the Lord Jesus and inquiring in his temple to define these challenging things. We looked at attacks on art as an expression of the Imago Dei. Post modernity is determined to make everything a matter of taste so that their "taste" can win the day. But all this gets unmasked when we gaze upon the beauty of Jesus Christ. You can listen here: WHAT IS ART? WHAT IS BEAUTY? Readers of Hold Fast will recognize some of this material from the chapter entitled, The Death of Art. Thursday evening I spoke about an experience of a Mattias Grunewald painting in Colmar, France in 1982. Here's a link to my devotion WHAT ABOUT IMAGES, ICONS, AND ART IN CHURCH? 

The traditional sand sculpture was more of an underwater medium this year, and though we had to halt the thing before we lost anyone to drowning, the creative material was shaping up to be first rate stuff, the faculty and chaperons opting to do the place of deliverance from Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.
In the brief window of sunshine that we did enjoy, students worked on sketches of the Deshutes Falls in Olympia, WA as we paused on our route south to Cannan Beach, Oregon.

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