Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lake Placid last days: hiking; time trial

Cedric is a bit committed to the Olympic Training Center, taking all his meals there, team meetings and activities he must attend, regatta logistics. All that to say, I had more time on my own than I had expected, and got some good writing time in, though I'd have rather spent it with Ceds. We did have some good times, though fairly short, where we were able to talk, read the Word, pray together. At one such time at a coffee shop we were reading in Isaiah 61 (the Romans of the OT), and a fellow came in, Art Summers, who began to tell us how the Lord rescued him from a rough life and prison, and transformed him by the gospel of grace. We watched the fireworks together from the shores of Mirror Lake, a bullfrog croaking through it all. I went for a hike in Henry's Woods, walked around Mirror Lake,reviewed 1-3 and worked on Ephesians chapter 4. Last morning, I went out on the chase boat and filmed Cedric and Ryan's time trial for the K2 1000m.

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