Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cedric at LPI Canoe/Kayak International Regatta--Saturday morning

Lake Placid is sort of like Tacoma: gray, drizzly, chilly when you think it would be nice if it were otherwise, but when the sun illuminates a brilliant summer morning--it's an absolutely charming place to be. I'm thoroughly enjoying things here with Cedric and all his athlete friends, though I'm ready to get home to my wife and family (the non-Cedric part of it, that is). We met his friend John Napier, bobsled Olympian, 2010, and World Class Athlete, combat engineer in the US Army, shipping out to Afghanistan in two days, and a Christian fellow. Craig Morse is here working as he watches Allison race--she's doing very well, a Bantam racing up in all Juvenile events, and taking down series mineral in the process. She's got great potential as a paddler. Craig and I had a chunk of time to visit this morning. Cedric and Ryan had 200m heats this morning and both place 3rd in separate heats. Cedric's heat was a near photo finish, with only whiskers between the top 3 boats. Finals at 2-ish. Pictures above include last evening's attempt to break the European time standard (3:22, 1000m K-2) for World Cups. They'll need another try at it.

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