Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Audio preview of Guns of Providence--now available

GUNS OF PROVIDENCE the third and last book in the FAITH & FREEDOM TRILOGY, is in the publication process, scheduled to release, June, 2010. Listen to a new audio excerpt at www.douglasbond.webs.com. Entangled in War for Independence Colonial America, the protagonist Sandy M'Kethe, great-grandson of Duncan and Angus's father of the same name in the CROWN & COVENANT TRILOGY, must sort through the labyrinth of loyalties assaulting his faith and arrayed against his very life.

"Like G.A. Henty in an earlier era, Douglas Bond offers a ringside seat on the War for Independence. Bond is a historian with unusual insight, tracing a Scottish Covenanter immigrant family and revealing the truly British origins of the American Revolution."

Russ Pulliam, Indianapolis Star

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