Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Despair in Politics: Delight in Worship (NRH 06)

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NEW REFORMATION HYMN 06: King Jesus Reigns (NRH 06) Long Meter, LM,

I don't know about you, but I've just about had it with this presidential campaign. I try to stear pretty clear of political posts (I ALWAYS get skewered by someone, and if I'm going to get skewered, I'd rather get it for a post on an ultimate theme, a topic worth dying for). Never before in my life have I felt more out of step with both parties, and their respective candidates.

In our family worship of late we have made it a goal to pray more immediately for Hillary Clinton. There's hardly a single issue on which I agree with her, but she is sixty-eight, our second oldest president to take office (if she wins), and she has had too many health episodes even for her supporters and the MSM to ignore. She needs Jesus, King Jesus. Our prayer is that she is not "sickness proof and sermon proof," as Samuel Rutherford wrote (I would vote for the author of Lex Rex in a heartbeat; I know he's a Scot, but, hey, our all-embracing immigration policy being what it is, surely we can fix it so he could run. Okay, I know he's dead, but we allow dead people to vote, so why not?).

Illness has a way of re-calibrating ones world view.  By the grace of God alone, the Democratic presidential nominee's failing health could be the best thing that ever happened to her. Our prayer as a family is that she will be terrified by these health episodes, that, far more that merely being unfit health-wise (not to mention, otherwise) to be president, she will fear her own dying. And that that fear would lead to godly sorrow, which would lead to true repentance and faith in King Jesus.

What the world needs now is neither income equality, nor reproductive rights, nor gender equality, nor a few more rednecks. No doubt I have overstepped into politics sufficiently for a skewering, so I'll leave of haranguing about it. What the world needs now is what the world has needed since the Fall: King Jesus. Which takes me to the next New Reformation Hymn, King Jesus Reigns (NRH 06).

While listening to a sermon on the text "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesars, but to God the things that are God's," I began furiously jotting down a flood of ideas for this hymn. My wife at times scowls at me during a worship service when I begin doing this; she thinks it might be a bad example to the children. I explain to her (later, not during the service) that it's just my version of taking notes on the sermon. I don't think she entirely buys this, but I'm imminently satisfied with it. Readers of the Crown & Covenant Trilogy will hear hints and allusions reminiscent of the grand struggle of Covenanters to uphold the Crown Rights of the Redeemer in his Kirk.  
King Jesus reigns, enthroned on high!
With heart and voice we glorify
His Majesty, his power and grace,
And his high sovereignty embrace.

Though kings usurp and proud men try
Their pompous selves to deify,
Adoring praise shall never cease
For Christ, Redeemer, Prince of Peace!

King Jesus rules upon his throne
And does the wealth of nations own;
While fading things to Caesar bring,
Ourselves we render to our King.

While pharaohs, kings, and emperors boast,
The King of kings leads out his host;
The proud, one day, shall bow the knee
When Christ in triumph sets us free!

King Jesus wears his worthy crown,
Though envious men and nations frown,
And we, by grace, on eagle’s wings,
Uphold the Crown rights of our King!

His holy nation, chosen ones,
We joyful bow, and with our tongues
We hymn allegiance high and sing,
“Hail Jesus! Sovereign Lord and King!”

                Douglas Bond, Copyright, March 12, 2008

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