Friday, February 5, 2016

Let the Reader Speak! A 12-year-old's point of view

Whom do you think is Ethan's favorite character?
I received this well-crafted book review from a young man who is an avid reader of my books. I thought I would share it with all of you. Notice this young scholar's vocabulary (Ethan, no doubt, attends the very best of schools...)
Dear Mr. Bond,
Did you have stories as good as yours when you were a boy? I am very thankful for your books. I own the Crown & Covenant series and the Faith & Freedom series. I really appreciate your books because they are written full of adventure and excitement. Of the two that I have read, my favorite trilogy is the Crown & Covenant. By far my favorite character is Angus M’Kethe. 

All of your books are written extraordinarily. They are so great because you skillfully weave history with fiction into splendid stories. The characters experience history from a real perspective. Also, faith is included in the story along with action. Impressively, you create characters that are strong physically and in the faith. Grandfather Sandy M’Kethe is an example of that. You write excellent stories as good as gold.
The Crown & Covenant trilogy is the best trilogy. I believe it is the best because it is action-packed. Sometimes I feel that I can relate to the characters. They experience trial and hardships. During the trials, they persevere and stay true to each other and God. I admire that. The three books are a story of true manhood. You hit the bulls-eye when writing the Crown & Covenant series. 

In my opinion, Angus is the coolest character. He is bright. He is fast. He is brave. His quick thinking entertains me. Adding to that, his bravery saved his siblings and nephew. His skill with the bow impresses me the most. I wish I had his skill. Angus takes first place above all the other characters.

Although all of your books are great, the Crown & Covenant series is my favorite set. In that series Angus is the best character. I enjoy your style of writing the most because you weave exciting history and fictional characters into fun historical-fiction.

Ethan Ashley, 6th grade 

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