Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meet fellow author Danika Cooley!

At Heritage Week Vancouver WA
I would like to take a moment and introduce my readers to another author, Danika Cooley. Her new release When Lightening Struck on the life of Martin Luther is available for your Christmas gift buying. I wrote this endorsement for the book: 
“From the electrifying tension of the opening scene, When Lightening Struck will instantly captivate readers. Meticulously researched, this historical novel on Martin Luther will immerse the reader in the dust and grit of 16th century Germany. You will not only feel that Luther’s struggles are you own struggles, you will enter the gates of paradise with Luther into the freedom of justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Not only is Danika Cooley an engaging writer of children’s literature, she is a careful and winsome theologian. As in her Bible Road Trip, you will be in highly capable hands on the road trip of Luther’s life from works to grace. Highly recommended!” 

1. What was the most intriguing thing you learned about Luther while writing the book?

I thought it was most interesting to see Martin Luther's change as he came to understand the truth of Scripture, and then as he began to live that truth out in his daily life.

2. What was the most convicting thing you learned in the process?

I think for me, a lover of truth, it was convicting to see what happens when we forget about grace, love, and unity. I never want to back away from the truth, but I do want to remember that my goal is unity in the essentials. Luther didn't have the benefit of hindsight that we do, so I think everything seemed essential to him after the break with Rome. Perhaps his struggle for unity struck me deeply because it is my own struggle as well.

3. What for you is the most challenging part of the writing process and how do you overcome this challenge?

I think time is my primary issue. I homeschool, so I research and write at night. It's a practice in self-discipline that is a constant struggle for me. I pray a lot about making wise decisions--about knowing when to write and when to rest.

4. I believe this is your first book published with a traditional publishing house. Tell us about the challenges of finding a publisher and working with editors. Did you have to work through differences with

Finding a publisher was a challenge, certainly. I decided to work with an agent, so I visited with agents every summer at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference. Chip MacGregor was kind enough to meet with me every year and to look at the book and make suggestions. I rewrote the books several times before he took it to publishers. Working with Fortress Press was amazing. They actually didn't change much, but helped me clarify a few paragraphs that were confusing, and a few geographical errors I made. I'm sure that won't be my experience every time, but this time was a really good experience for me.

5. What advice would you give to the aspiring writer?

Most importantly, glorify God in all that you do--especially in your writing. Read, and study the craft of writing. Outline your book and then set weekly goals for yourself. Like everything worthwhile, writing is worth studying, and worth sacrificing something you value for.

6. What other writing ideas are you considering for the future? A companion volume on Katherine von Bora?

Writing about Katie would be a lot of fun! I'm interested in writing about the early Reformers (male and female), the Church Fathers, and the lesser known figures in Christian history. I've been researching a slave-turned-missionary story I think would be wonderful for kids to know about.

7. What other resources do you have available on Luther's life, and what is the best way for a potential reader to buy a copy and read When Lightening Struck?

Thanks for asking! I've written a Discussion Guide on When Lightning Struck!, and a 12-Week Unit Study on Martin Luther. Both are free at There are also links there to purchase the book, or you can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble (online), and

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