Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bleeding and Writing: Announcing BOND BOOKS READNG SERVICE

What a flurry of changes for the Bond family in the last couple of months! "The mind of man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." The jolting events we are passing through have helped us embrace this truth from God's Word, but not without some bleeding. More about all that in a future post.

One of the wonderful outcomes of the changes that God has orchestrated for our lives is that at last I can give more attention to the many readers who write and ask if I would read what they have written and offer critique, guidance, and instruction. Though I've felt guilty about it, pressing obligations have ordinarily forced me to decline.

That's about to change.

This blog post marks the launch of the BOND BOOKS READING SERVICE. For well over two decades, along with writing twenty-five books, I have taught hundreds of young adults how to write. To my delight, I have seen many of them win writing awards and valuable scholarships; go on to be highly successful in college, graduate school, and the work force; some taking up their pen in professions that involve them in writing every day; and--to my great pleasure--several have gone on to be published authors.
Recently a number of former students wrote to tell me about the far-reaching impact of our time together: A student, now in medical school, wrote, "Bond's literature and writing classes were some of the most useful I have ever taken, and the care and effort he puts into his students is bar none," and another, now a consultant for Microsoft, wrote of his time at university: "English professors, history professors, political science professors, communication professors, and religion professors asked who taught me to write; I would always answer, 'Thank Mr. Bond.'"(other writing students' testimonials)

Last year alone, thanks be to God, my students experienced the greatest writing success of any year of my teaching career. For example, in the double-blind judged, Pierce County Library Foundation's creative writing contest, my students managed to win seven of twelve monetary writing awards in both poetry and short story fiction. And in a North American regional high school essay contest (contestants hailing from three states and British Columbia), my students managed to sweep the entire essay-writing contest, winning first, second, and third places. We rejoice with these student winners and give glory and gratitude to God for them.

Now, in the providence of God, I have the opportunity to spread the net wider so that more young people (and adults) have the same opportunity to improve their writing skill, for the glory of Christ. As a writer (one who often bleeds as he writes) and as a teacher of writing, "I count myself among those who learn as they write and write as they learn" (Augustine). I would like to help you do the same.

If you're serious about improving your writing, follow these steps:
1. Read the writing categories below and see which one fits your writing project. 
2. Email me at and briefly introduce yourself and your writing project. 
3. Attach a Word document of your writing project. 
4. You will receive a PayPal invoice for the reading service (or you can pay by check). 

Unless there is unusually high volume, I will complete my critique within two weeks. 

“No teacher shaped my love for the written word more than Douglas Bond. Under his instruction, I learned to craft essays, formulate theses, and articulate research so effectively that one university writing professor insisted I write a thank you card to my high school English teacher." Bekah Ueland 


Common Application and College Entrance or Scholarship Application Essays: Is your son or daughter anguishing over common application essays for college? Have they realized how critical these essays are to their success in being accepted at the college of their choice or to winning significant amounts of scholarship funds for college and avoiding crippling debt accumulated through four years of college? I have been blessed to coach hundreds of students transitioning to college as they craft mature, scholarship-winning essays. I look forward to helping your son or daughter as well. [Fee: 6 cents a word] 

Creative Writing--Short Story Fiction: Send me a typed, double-spaced, electronic copy of your short story (1,000 word minimum), and I will give it a close read and critique, returning to you tracked suggestions in the margin, as well as a written critique of the strengths and weakness of the short story, and offering you specific ways to improve your writing. Should your work merit it, I will also suggest publishing options for your short fiction work. [Fee: 3.5  cents per word]

Creative Writing--Novel: Send me a typed, double-spaced, electronic copy of a synopsis of your novel (100-150 words), the first chapter, and two other chapters from the manuscript (4,000 word minimum).  I will read and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the work, returning to you tracked suggestions in the margins, as well as a 1 1/2 to 2 page written analysis of the merits of the work, with clear recommendations of how to improve your writing. Should your work merit it, I will also suggest publishing options for your novel. [Fee: 2.5 cents per word. Contact me to discuss the fee for me to read and critique your entire novel]

Creative Writing--Poetry: Send me a typed, double-spaced, electronic copy of your poetry (left margin, no center-lined poetry). Write a brief paragraph explanation of the inspiration for the poetry, the form and structure you have chosen, and the poetic conventions you are employing in the poem. Likely, I will not read the paragraph until I have read and considered the poetry on its own merits, but it will be beneficial to have your explanatory to consult as I prepare my comments and critique. Should your poetry merit it, I will suggest publishing options. [Fee: $2.00 per line; 14-line minimum]

Creative Writing: Hymn or Song Lyric: Send me a typed, double-spaced electronic copy of your hymn or song (left margin, no center-lined poetry). If you were inspired to write the hymn from a biblical text, type out the passage at the top of the hymn. Be sure your hymn lyric is in a consistent meter for ease of singing. Should your hymn or song lyric merit it, I will suggest publishing and possible composer options for your work. [Fee: $2.50 per line; 12-line minimum] 

Research Paper: Send a typed assignment page that gives precise details of the prescription and requirements for the research paper. Formatted according to the usage style required (MLA, APA, Chicago Style, other), send me an electronic, typed, double-spaced copy of your research paper. You will have the choice of having me give 1. General Critique. 2. Proof Reading. 3. Style, Editing, and Content Evaluation. [Fee to be arranged]

Custom Writing Project (movie or audio scripts, advertising copy, brochure copy, website text, other): Contact me for a critique of your specific writing project. [Fee to be arranged]


***Special writing tutorial opportunity:  Join me in England for the OXFORD CREATIVE WRITING MASTER CLASS, March 30-April 6, 2016, for an unforgettable writing tutorial that may very well be the defining week of your writing career. If you are interested, do not delay. There's only a few spaces remaining. Special deep-cut discount ending September 15, 2016. 


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