Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Warm Evening in Provence

Marvelous food and warm fellowship in charming south of France, Aix-en-Provence (where my daughter studied French in '07-'08) with Dr Bergey, Pierre and Daniele Berthoud, and Lionel Jauvert.
After dinner group shot in Aix (after multiple scrumptious courses and heaps of good fellowship)
Family-friendly Bond tours--happy children and young people learning HISTORY WHERE IT HAPPENED!
Aix is the city of fountains, everywhere you turn there are charming gurgling sounds of cool fresh water
Where Luther stayed in 1510 when on his futile pilgrimage to Rome we have been tracing. Calvin may also have stayed here at what was then the Augustinian Priory and may have penned part of his Institutes of the Christian Religion here in Aix
Augustinian Monestary where Luther stayed in Aix in 1510 on pilgrimage to Rome, and where Calvin may have written part of the Institutes between 1533-1536.
Aix has been a central market town since the Middle Ages
Hotel de Ville
Pierre Berthoud, president of the board of the John Calvin seminary in Aix--wonderful fellowship in an open-air cafe next to the Medieval cathedral (my daughter often wrote letters here in this shady square, just across the street from her school)
South of France rose must be fountain temperature, just like the melon

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