Sunday, June 14, 2015

Death and Freedom at Anzio 1944

Public funds are so much better spent on war memorial cemeteries like this one in Italy commemorating the deaths of over 10,000 American soldiers than on Rock-n-Roll museums or fecal "art" on display at tax payer expence at American art galleries. The Sicily-Roma war cemetery, memorializing the combat dead of January 1944, is profoundly beautiful and profoundly moving. A sobering reminder of the futility and emptiness of sin, and the unrelenting trouble sin causes in the world, perhaps no where seen in its aggregate ugliness than in war. "O quickly come, dread Judge of all." I long for the day when swords are beaten into plowshares, when the enemies of Christ and his kingdom are finally defeated, and the Prince of Peace brings true freedom and eternal rest to his beloved church. 

Giles did not feel it appropriate to smile at such a place, nor does he really approve of taking photographs at places where so many lost their lives in the cosmic and ever-illusive human struggle for freedom.

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