Friday, May 29, 2015

FREE-BOOK FRIDAY! Special today only!

Concise, biblical, accessible to young people
Free Book Friday--TODAY ONLY! Order any title from my webstore and receive a free copy of MAN ASKS, GOD ANSWERS, a great introductory Christian apologetics book ($10.00) by my friend Craig Brown (and fellow Ligonier RT author). This Friday-freebie offer is included with purchase of my new release HAMMER OF THE HUGUENOTS--or any other book available at my webstore, and includes author-signed book, free access to study guides, and US postage FREE!


Chapter 2: How do I get to Heaven? p.45
"The subject of heaven could fill many books, but here I want to help clear up some of the misunderstandings about heaven and eternity. Once you truly understand the "facts of heaven" you will be both excited about going there and in awe of God's home."
Chapter 3: How should I live my life on this Earth? p.54
"We should do good works out of appreciation for what God has done for us. This motivation does not always compel us as it should. It is easier for us to do something because we think we are going to get a reward for it rather than because we want to express thankfulness for what someone else has done for us."
Chapter 5: Where did Evil come from? p. 89
"If we say that God's providence does not extend over evil, we are making a strong statement about God. If evil things can happen over which God has no control, what is He like? Thinking this way limits the power of God by casting Him as a being who is at the mercy of His own creation."

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