Thursday, May 29, 2014

CHS Writers Awarded at PLU Ceremony

Snarly (aka, Karli) Stevenson not pictured
In the regional Writing and Art contest, Our Own Expressions, sponsored by the Pierce County Library Foundation and the Morning News Tribune, with more than 1,000 entries, my writing students managed to win 6 of 12 awards in the short story and poetry categories. Including the Drawing category, CHS students won 9 of 18 high school cash prize awards (including sweeping the drawing category for 9th and 10th grades--way to go Eva Battle, CHS art teacher extraordinaire!). 
CHS students read their winning short stories and poetry and commented on their drawings and received their awards at Lagerquist Hall on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University last night (May 28, 2014). 
Note below that Hana Jang, 1st Place in the short story category, is writing fiction in English as a second language; special congratulations to you, Hana!
Highlighted winners are CHS students
Grades 9 and 10
1st Place - Abbie Welch, Covenant HS
2nd Place - Noah Peever, Home School
3rd Place - Karli Stevenson, Covenant HS
Grades 11 and 12
1st Place - Hana Jang, Covenant HS
2nd Place - Jessi Pitts, Emerald Ridge HS
3rd Place - Casey Morrison, Covenant HS

Grades 9 and 10
1st Place - Fiona Macdonald, Gig Harbor HS
2nd Place - Myles Moulton, Bellarmine Preparatory
3rd Place - Claudia Speakes, Kalles Junior HS
Grades 11 and 12
1st Place - Claire Summa, Gig Harbor HS
2nd Place - Matthew Pfefferle, Covenant HS
3rd Place - Christina Lyro, Covenant HS

Some of the CHS students with other winners
Grades 9 and 10
1st Place - Bao Nguyen, Covenant HS
2nd Place - Abbie Welch, Covenant HS
3rd Place - Nani Woodard, Covenant HS
Grades 11 and 12
1st Place - Chelsie Conroy, Bonney Lake HS
2nd Place - Hanbi Hyon, Lakes HS
3rd Place - Cole Maurmann, Home School

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