Friday, April 4, 2014

Alexander Henderson: Roots of US constitution

Henderson was at first more favorable toward episcopal church government (king head of church) but was won over to the Reformed view. Made minister of the parish of Leuchars (unaltered Romanesque 11th c) while still a kings man, the locals locked the church to keep him out. Henderson broke a window and climbed in. While hearing a sermon on the thief and robber who climbed in another way, he converted to Presbyterianism. 

On 1 March 1638 the public signing of theNational Covenant began in Greyfriars Kirk,Edinburgh. Henderson was mainly responsible for the final form of this document, which consisted of

  1. the kings confession drawn up in 1581 byJohn Craig
  2. a recital of the acts of parliament against superstitious and papistical rites
  3. an elaborate oath to maintain the true reformed religion.

Later, the framers of the US Constitution would use the Presbyterian model of church government for our civil order.

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