Saturday, February 22, 2014

DUNCAN'S WAR--the movie: " embarrassment of riches"!

Art Director James Chung sees Duncan this way
The script for DUNCAN'S WAR is " embarrassment of riches," wrote an independent professional script reader for

The producer Phillip Moses submitted the script to two different independent film script reading services for evaluation. 90% of scripts get rejected off the top; 8% get "Consider" and 2% receive "Recommend," the highest ranking they give, which means they think it's a story and script that is ready to be made into a successful movie.

One professional reader gave DUNCAN'S WAR a "Consider," and said this (among other positive things) about it  "There is a lot to like in this script and the historical aspects are very compelling."

The other professional reader (they read independent of each other and without collaboration) gave it an overwhelming "Recommend," and said this about it, "The script combined the two powerful thematic elements of resistance against authority and holding true to one’s faith. Either one would have been sufficient; having two is an embarrassment of riches."

Phillip Moses the producer is a tireless advocate for DUNCAN'S WAR becoming a movie, a really good one. He has recently discovered (or been discovered by) an Australian production company that is enthusiastic about the movie and wants to host filming it and the entire production in Australia. We'll have to follow that one and see how it plays out.

Janie Cheaney WORLD Magazine columnist is doing another interview with me on (previous ones can be heard at this one on DUNCAN'S WAR the movie. You can go to their site(s) and follow that interview and like and comment. 

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Reader Jeremiah Lofthus at his own initiative created this movie trailer for DUNCAN'S WAR the movie--thanks Jeremiah!

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