Monday, August 5, 2013

Location shift in the setting of Bond Huguenot tale

Story shifts to south of France

Okay, been thinking about this for some time now. I'm moving the setting from near Nantes, too vague, to Aigues-Mortes and the south. It was Cheryl's idea to walk around the entire walled city, one of the most complete walled medieval cities in France. I have all the sights, sounds, smells, the whole atmosphere is in the south. This gives me huge logistical and geographical advantages. My family is nearby where Viret preaches revival, Nîmes and Montpelier, and is near enough to the Cevennes to interact with that history during the wars. The cave can enter into the tale more naturally, cygales constantly chirruping whoever you turn, the Pont du Gard episode--it all fits here.

Problems and challenges. I have to go through the entire document and make the context specific, though this is also a big advantage. And much needed. The episode with the friar on the steps of Nantes cathedral is no problem because I can set it at Montpelier or Nîmes or Arles, Arles sounds good for variety, fountain, roman coliseum. 

Bigger problem is the stop in Amboise, too far out of the way if they are traveling up from the south, but I could have the cave dwelling episode be in another city. There were many troglodyte dwellings in France. Sens is quite away away from the south... Could I use the description I have there elsewhere, no because I need the cardinal and Sens is his city. This is why on location for this tale is so important. Okay, now the work begins.

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