Monday, May 27, 2013

John Knox @ 500 Scotland Tour 2014 filling fast!

Space is limited--Call today to reserve your place
Early registration discounts are still available for the JOHN KNOX AT 500 SCOTLAND (and England) TOUR, June 24-July 4, 2014.

This tour has been in the planning stages since I began writing both THE MIGHTY WEAKNESS OF JOHN KNOX (with Ligonier's Reformation Trust Publishing, 2011), and THE THUNDER, A novel on John Knox (with P&R Publishing, 2012).

The tour is filling steadily and will likely be fully subscribed sooner than later. You won't want to miss this tour! Visit our BondVoyage website for details.Then call (253-381-1961) for more information and to reserve your place on the tour. Check out our tour site and then compare. Our tours are family friendly and remain one of the best bargains among church history tours. Recent participant on the latest MR PIPES HYMN TOUR of England and Wales said this, "You were the most apt, able and wonderful tour guide...! Such enthusiasm and knowledge! The folks who go on your tours get an unforgettable education! Thanks for all of the blessings!"

My new-release novel on John Knox
The REFORMATION FOR ALL TIME TOUR (June 21-July 1, 2013) is fully booked! Please pray for good health and a rich time of fellowship and blessing for the 50 tour participants who are going to be exploring Luther, Calvin, Bucer, Zwingli, Viret, and other Reformation sites with us on the tour. We're bringing our two youngest children on this one for the first time! Subscribe to my blog and experience the Reformation tour with my daily posts.

"Wherefore I esteem more highly the judgment of a simple laborer, being one of the elect of God and regenerate by His Holy Spirit, than that of all the Popes, bishops, priests, philosophers and doctors who are infidels and hypocrites." Reformer, Pierre Viret

Come along for the time of your life! 
Douglas, Cheryl, Giles, and Gillian Bond

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