Saturday, April 13, 2013

FREE Bond Lectures on British Reformation History (and worth it!)

We all like free stuff, right? April 25-27 (Thursday 7:00. Friday: free spaghetti dinner, 5:45; lecture at 7:00. Saturday, free breakfast, 8:30; lecture at 9:30), Western Reformed Seminary has asked me to deliver three FREE lectures on “THE REFORMATION IN THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING WORLD: Why Every Generation Must Have Reformation.” (FREE!
St Andrews Castle with one of my students
and I promise--they'll be worth it!) This will be a mini course in British Reformation history, accompanied by lots of on-location photography from my tours. I'm giving away 6 FREE copies of THE THUNDER, my recent biographical novel on John Knox. I will also have postcards and information about the forthcoming KNOX at 500 Scotland Tour 2014 (registrations are already coming in for this once-in-500-years opportunity). It should be a grand time, open to the public (including free Friday spaghetti dinner and a breakfast Saturday morning). More information:

The Ronald W. Taber Lectures each year emphasize our Reformed theology and heritage, and their application to the world. This year well known traveler and author Douglas Bond (see his website) will be speaking on “THE REFORMATION IN THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING WORLD: Why Every Generation Must Have Reformation.” With his excellent photographs he will provide a “virtual tour” of interesting and important places in England and Scotland.

Thursday-Saturday, April 25-27

THURSDAY NIGHT, 7:00 p.m., “Reformation in England” (Early Stirrings: Bradwardine and Wycliffe. 16th-Century Reformation: Latimer, Cranmer, Ridley)

FRIDAY NIGHT, 7:00 p.m., “Reformation in Scotland” (Early Stirrings: Patrick Hamilton and Wishart. 16th and 17th-Centuries: John Knox and the Covenanters) (Free Spaghetti in the Spring dinner at 5:45 prior to the lecture)

SATURDAY MORNING, 9:30-11:30 a.m., “Reformational Psalms and Hymns in English: The central role of singing in the Reformation” (Free breakfast at 8:30 prior to the lecture)


  1. Any chance these lectures will be made available online afterwards?

    I've just read your Crown and Covenant trilogy, and plan on reading it to my wife and children soon. Excellent stuff! The Thunder was likewise excellent. You've made fans of our entire family!

  2. Thanks Justin,
    I think the lectures will be available (though you won't get the virtual tour part from the visuals). You can follow up and check at and I will probably post links on my blog. Glad to hear you enjoyed the books. Hope the rest of your gang does too!
    Blessings in Christ,